Why We're Making CBD Topicals

26th Jun 2020

After eight years of making and selling skin care products at Spinster Sisters, we know what does and does not go into a quality product. Our customers expect safe, gentle products that cleanse, soothe, moisturize, exfoliate, cool, hydrate, tingle, relax, refresh, invigorate, or some combination thereof.

Our company values propel us to constantly, and consciously, strive to do better – better for people, and better for the planet. When CBD oil started getting attention for its potential benefits, we began having conversations about how the addition of CBD to some of our products might benefit our customers. Around the same time, customers also began asking us for CBD-infused products. Our internal conversations began to heat up in late 2016.

A Natural Fit

Colorado had several years’ head start on the rest of the country with its early legalization of marijuana and, thus, the production of CBD oil. With claims that CBD can relieve pain, reduce anxiety and depression, and other potential benefits, the CBD oil industry is booming.

Our social impact priorities include always trying to source as locally as possible, and with Colorado’s head start in the industry, we had no trouble finding local options for our CBD. We carefully selected Colorado Natural Products as our CBD source because they are organic hemp farmers and their method of extraction and business practices align with our sustainability promise.

We determined that a natural entry into the CBD marketplace for us would be with some of our best selling products. Without having to re-invent the wheel or drastically change our proven recipes, we were able to quickly formulate some new CBD products. We found that by simply infusing some bath bombs, bars, and salves with CBD oils, we were able to alter the function and feel of the products and offer a new experience to our customers with the potential therapeutic benefits our customers were craving.


Our products use a true, broad-spectrum CBD distillate which contains absolutely 0% THC, but retains some of the other cannabinoids, terpenes, and similar potentially beneficial compounds.

Each topical we sell has been well received, and none more so than our award-winning Muscle Stuff! We look forward to offering more CBD-infused products as we grow in this space. Kelly, our founder, is passionate about creating new product formulations so stay tuned for more of her innovations as our CBD efforts continue.

If you’re interested to try out our CBD offerings, please stop by our flagship store in Golden, Colorado (directions + store hours), or shop online. Have any questions regarding our products? Contact our team to learn more.