​CBD Products: A Guide to Our Salves, Bombs, and Lotions

31st Jul 2020

All of our CBD products are made with lab-tested, organic, pesticide-free, non-GMO cannabidiol distillate. It’s a broad-spectrum hemp extract with industry-leading purity and consistency, farmed and produced at PNC.

Now let’s get in to the individual products. It’s hard to know where to start. Wait, no it’s not! We obviously have to start with our best-selling, award winning product:

muscle-stuff-cbd-250mg-nexty-winner-2020-web.jpgMuscle Stuff- NOW WITH EXTRA STUFF!

Muscle Stuff has been a best-selling product of Spinster Sisters for years, and adding 250 mg of THC-free CBD to the formula made it even more of a customer favorite!

We couldn’t be prouder of our recognition as Best in Industry by New Hope Network at the 2020 Expo West NEXTY Awards for this product based on their high standards in multiple criteria. We’re especially proud of this unique formula, which was designed to induce a tingling sensation when applied to the body. The special combination of cayenne and habanero peppers along with the rest of the distinctive brew of natural ingredients produces a spicy-scented, bright orange balm that simultaneously warms and cools the skin as it penetrates to work its wonders.

The easy-to-use salve in a roll up stick is perfect to toss in your gym bag, purse, backpack, or tote to use it anywhere you exert yourself and find yourself feeling sore or just wanting that tingling, soothing sensation. It continues to be a favorite of young and old alike, now with the extra boost of CBD benefits.

Find the full list of ingredients and product instructions here.

Herbal Salve

Another long-time customer favorite, this gentle herbal salve also got a boost of 250 mg CBD to increase the soothing benefits of the other popular plants and herbs in the formula. This salve is blended with beeswax so it has a balmy texture that rubs on comfortably for a protective layer on your skin.

Its herbal scent and appealing characteristic effects stem from the natural ingredients in its recipe including chamomile, calendula, St. John’s Wort, milk thistle, aloe vera, and arnica.

The olive and sweet almond oils provide for a smooth, moisture-rich salve that rubs on easily with a satisfying finish unlike anything you’ll get from salves that use petroleum based oils. Just a little dab is perfect any time you want a little soothing moment, and may become your favorite new way to say goodnight to your skin.

Body Barslsscbd.jpg

It’s no secret that skin care professionals recommend moisturizing your skin daily; many even say twice a day. Keeping your skin’s moisture constant is key to healthy looking, supple skin. Make moisturizing with this 250 mg CBD infused body bar part of your daily routine and your skin will thank you.

This solid lotion bar is the ideal post-shower moisturizer. While your skin is still wet after rinsing off your soap, the bar will melt on contact with your skin for a luxurious, deeply moisturizing application that soaks in quickly. When applied to dry skin, the feel is more like a lip balm and requires a little more massaging to get the melting started. Made with fair trade shea and cocoa butters, no matter how you apply it, the body bar will soothe and soften your skin. Along with the cannabidiol, the recipe is rich with vitamins A & E and omega fatty acids for an experience your skin will love!

Molded and then formed into solid bars at room temperature, they’re then packaged in a simple box without plastic. Designed to melt on contact with skin, the bars may experience some melting during shipping, especially in warm climates. You can easily firm them back up in the fridge and then store in room temperature.

This unique way to moisturize and experience the benefits of CBD just might become your favorite part of your skin care routine!

Bath Butta’ Bombs

You can get these generous 5.3 oz heavenly bath bombs in two varieties. Both are made with 75 mg of pesticide-free, non-GMO CBD isolate. We make these decadent bath enhancers with detoxifying kaolin clay to help remove excess dirt and oil from skin. We use fair-trade cocoa and shea butters which provide extraordinary moisture, while the CBD soothes and allows increased absorption for potential muscle relief.

Eucalyptus Lime – The fresh eucalyptus and fruity lime combination makes a refreshing, fizzy bath experience for men and women alike.

Lavender Rose – Relax, unwind, and luxuriate as rose petals and lavender blossoms float around you in this shamelessly serene bath scene.

Your new bath time ritual begins with a butta’ bomb drop!

Disclaimer: These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. See complete FDA disclaimer here.